Beacons network

Hello everyone ,
this is the first time I work on indoor location.
I want to make a beacon network and I want to receive the different distances between each beacon and the raspberry card and display it in a web application.
Is that possible and what are the techniques and libraries that should be used?

So something like an asset tracking solution? Beacons on objects + Rasp Pi gateway to detect them and estimate the distance and forward it to a web app?

On Rasp Pi, we usually recommend the bleacon or noble Node.js libraries:

You could put multiple Rasp Pi’s in different spots, and in your web app, visualize which beacons are in range of which Rasp Pi. Maybe compare signal strength and “assign” the beacon to the Rasp Pi that hears it the strongest. Just keep in mind BLE signal strength is pretty finicky, so you may also have to do something to smooth it—a moving average probably being the simplest idea.

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yes exactly i want to use beacons, raspberry and a web application to display beacons localization, i chose to put several raspi in order to receive several RSSI and I treat this data with an algorithm to improve the accuracy of localization