Indoor location and UWB

Hi guys,

Thank you for creating a wonderful product. I’m Mark from Sopot and I have some questions on which the support was not able to answer to my satisfaction so I’ll decided to hit up some dev’s on this forum.

We create AR and VR applications and are not thought of using ARKit for one solution along with beacons, the more research I do though, the more beacons are out of questions. Now I bought 6 locations beacons and unforutnately it were the ones without UWB, anyways I have tried whether I can replace them. My questions for you are:

  1. What kind of a chip are you using for UWB?
    This one ->
    If so it’s 10 cm accuracy, why are you writing that it’s 30 cm.

  2. We want to build an application that shows a 3d model on top of physical environment (AR) but outside and we need to position it against a floor plan as well. We need to know the location of the iPad on which we will do the AR.

We are thinking of using either beacons or - if you guys can provide UWB beacons and some software we would use your solution