Beacon + Raspberry proyect


I’m trying to make an IoT proyect that can locate any device in a specific place. For example, locate the place of my cellphone using 3 beacons. I know this is possible, but the problem is that I want to use a Raspberry as a gateway to a server . I want to get the RSSI of the beacon with the cellphone and I want to access to this value with my raspberry so then the Rpi make an algorithm to detect or locate the device. Hope you can help. Thanks.


I’ve seen something like this before, so it’s definitely doable (:

Here’s my personal favorite Linux library for detecting beacons:

It’ll allow you to discover all beacons in range and read their RSSI, and you can take it from there to try to do triangulation. (Fair warning though, triangulation with Bluetooth/2.4 GHz is hard, the RSSI jumps around quite a bit due to environmental factors.)