App that detect the beacons and play a 3d sound when get close to the beacon

i downloaded 2 app template (universal template and configuration template) first but i am not able to run the app it show me no error but nothing is displaying on the device screen so how should i configure them?
also, how can i build an app to detect the beacons in flutter, can any flutter beacon detector package detect the estimote beacons or i should use the estimote sdk, and how to use the uwb sdk can you provide an instructions for that?

the app templates do not support the UWB beacons…

the UWB sdk is only available by request.

UWB is a special protocol, and currently the beacons only work with IOS (iPhone 11 and up), so you can write a flutter app… I wrote one in Ionic. the SDK provides a binary library with the API, it provides support for app level callbacks on UWB events…

Google/Android has announced a preliminary SDK for for UWB/Nearby interaction for suitably equipped android devices… Estimote has announced they intend to provide a matching SDK for their beacons.
the IOS sdk includes a sample native app. that reports log messages of the callback events, nothing on the ui

only IOS?i got this sdk JFrog so i was planning to work on android studio

Hi @sdetweil, Jess here! We released our Android SDK a couple weeks ago. Email me if you’d like it, and I’ll send you instructions!

given the name(android-proximity-sdk), I think that is for the proximity beacons, which are different than the UWB beacons

what is the UUID for the uwb beacons?

they are not disclosed… the beacons are not broadcasting until the SDK enables them.

you have to use the Estimote UWB SDK to utilize the Estimote UWB beacons

probably to save power…