Using Estimote SDK on Windows Platform like Hololens

Apparently, Estimote SDK is provided in iOS and Android platforms for cell phones, but my goal is using the beacons in windows platform and creating windows apps for devices like HoloLens. I was wondering whether you could provide a way to collect Estimote beacons information through Windows platform?

Additionally, there is a C# library called Universal Bluetooth Beacon Library that you mentioned in your website as a third party library for detecting iBeacon and Eddystone through a Windows app. However, this library couldn’t detect Estimote beacons information including ID number and could recognize them as unknown beacons in which it shows MAC addresses, signal strength and time. So is there any way I can get the info from Estimote by this library or other libraries that I don’t know?

Yeah, the Universal Bluetooth Beacon Library only supports open/standard advertising protocols, and things like the Estimote device identifier are advertised via an Estimote-specific protocol. We have publicly-available specs for some of our protocols, if you felt like writing your own parser for Windows:

Thanks for your answer. I have used the JS file parser and got info from beacons, however RSSI of beacons are not part of the estimote-telemetry (A & B subframe) packet ( which is very weird !!) that I actually need. So i was wondering whether you could help me with adding RSSI detector to JS file provided.

RSSI is actually not part of the packet, it’s something that the Bluetooth stack itself calculates and exposes. So you’d need to consult the documentation of whatever Bluetooth library/API you’re using, to learn how to get your hands on RSSI.