Using CoreBluetooth to detect beacons/Do Location Beacons have service UUIDs?


I’m using CoreBluetooth on iOS to scan for my Location Beacons because I want the raw RSSI every time the beacon advertises, not the averaged RSSI returned once per second by ESTBeaconManager.didRangeBeacons. I’m able to detect my beacons (and everything else emitting a BLE signal) when I pass nil into the services parameter of CBCentralManager.scanForPeripherals, however I want to filter the results so that the CBCentralManager delegate method didDiscoverPeripheral is only called when my phone sees my beacons.

Which brings me to my question: do Estimote Location Beacons have service UUIDs I can pass into scanForPeripherals? I tried passing one of my beacons’ proximity UUID in, but didDiscoverPeripherals never got called.

I’m new to beacons and bluetooth communication, and pretty new to iOS programming in general, so I apologize if this is a basic question.