Robotic Indoor SDK and Location Beacon

Hi, I’d like to ask, Location Beacons should emit data via UART (GPIO0, GPIO1) all the time? If I read from /dev/ttyS0 or /dev/ttyAMA0 (Ubuntu Mate on Raspberry Pi 3) I’m not able to get any value. Obviously starting ROS/catkin (, produces no output. I’ve also used Piotr’s custom iOS project in order to switch my Location Beacon in UART mode, it says me “ok now you can deploy your beacon”, but no luck.

Doubt is if its a “Raspberry-side” fault (UART not configured properly, but I followed the tutorials) or “Beacon-side”? (My beacon is not UWB, it’s from first Location Beacon ones Estimote sold)


I’m having the same problem! Is there an answer?