Is it possible to Set GPIO HIGH with GATT or NodeJS

Hi there,
I’d like to use your location beacons as GPIO outputs to other devices.
My usecase(short version): I have a very-low power device that needs to turn on when a user, says to my raspberry pi: “Turn on device.” Its battery operated, and I’m hoping one charge will last a month.

Which means, I want the Raspberry PI to send off a BLE packet of some sort (I assume a GATT update) to your device, and cause the GPIO to go high briefly, then turn off, perhaps with another GATT update.

Is this possible? Can I manipulate characteristics to turn on GPIO? Or can I send something to the location beacon to have it turn on the GPIO?

Specs - the raspberry pi is plugged in - so it can output as much radio as needed. The beacon will be connected to the battery operated device. I’m basically hoping I can get your beacons to be my BLE remote. This has to run on linux if possible. Running Android or IOs doesn’t work from my project.

Thanks in advance!

You can connect to beacon (using GATT) and change GPIO state, but you would need to reimplement custom protocol (which is not public) and authorise beacon with Cloud, so it is not a way to go. You could use SDK to do SDK, but you say that Android or iOS is not an option.