Use Cases for Retail and Hospital Industries using iBeacon Technology

Today I would like to share some Use Cases for Retail and Hospital Industries and how you can improve customers’ experience using iBeacon technology.

1) Retail industry (shopping malls, grocery stores, parking)

  • Send offers and discounts to a customer when he/she is near a product or a certain shelf
  • Admins could get relevant data about slow days and full days to optimize their work flow and service accordingly
  • Offer stickers and collectable items that they can only receive if they visit certain parts of the store or attend certain events or sales
  • Provide detailed maps of a mall with all the facilities and parking information with the voice navigation
  • Users could get a higher discount if they invite and bring new customers and etc.

2) Healthcare Industry

  • Drug stores can promote free check-ups to bypassers
  • Hospitals can offer detailed maps with elevators, guides, detect your current position
  • Hospitals can offer a view map with all facilities as icons on the map and visitors will be able to search by department/facility title/specialist, create a route to a needed object/facility, navigate to object/facility
  • Hospitals can offer a map so that visitors will find their cars on parking area
  • Hospitals can promote any event taking place and etc.

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