Understanding motion direction of nearables

I’m working with nearable on Android SDK. I don’t get how to use x,y,z Accelerations to extrapolate the motion direction of a nearable.

Is it possible to make out the direction of nearables in Android SDK?

X should be the left-right “sides” of the sticker, Y bottom-top, Z front-back. It’s probably easier for you to open the Estimote app, find your sticker on the radar/list, and just move it around and see how the values change. (Keeping in mind that the Earth’s gravity will always give you constant acceleration towards the floor.)

What app are you trying to build?

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Thank you for the reply!

I’m building an app that recognize the different type of movements of objects (that have a Beacon Sticker attached).

[UPDATE] Do I have to remove the Earth’s gravity? If so, how can I do that?

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You go to outer space? (:

More seriously though, you can’t remove it, you’ll simply have to account for it in your algorithms.

What does your app do with the movement data?

Where I have the movement data, I make them some statistical operations like mean, standard deviance, variance, etc etc

Thanks for your help!