How do I derive the location of a Beacon sticker from the accelerator values

Hi there,

I’ll like to write an application that tracks the acceleration and location of an Estimote sticker. It seems quite straight forward to read the x,y,z acceleration values. I will like to know how to drive the location of the sticker based on these values. I basically will like to write an app that is capable to tracking the location of the sticker within a 50m working range.


Position and acceleration are two quite distinct concepts, and one is not tied to another. Acceleration can be zero, while the object is still moving with a constant velocity and thus changing it’s position. Also, acceleration x/y/z values are relative to sticker’s orientation—just because you know the sticker is accelerating along the x axis doesn’t mean you know if it’s towards north, east, south, west, etc.

Long story short, you can only derive position from acceleration in very specific cases: you know the starting position, orientation, changes to the orientation along the route, velocity is non-constant, etc. All of these make this approach rather impractical.

The good news is … (: we’ve just released an update to our Indoor Location technology which enables you to track stickers within an indoor location—I think it sounds quite similar to what you’re trying to achieve:

Let us know what you think!

Hmm. Here is exactly what I’m trying to do. I will like to be able to approximate the position of an object which is suspended in a 2 feet X 2 feet X 2 feet space. I will know the exact orientation of the sticker beacon, so I would think I should be able to use the x,y,z accelerations to estimate the position of the object in the 2 feet cube space?


Hi Ril,

Can you please help me how to get X, Y, Z values for Estimote stickers ?

I am developing in swift but any help in right direction will be appreciated.