Unable to fetch location in iOS 10

I am trying to create an indoor location app with my beacons , and I am following the guide on this link : http://developer.estimote.com/indoor/build-an-app/ .

I get error message which is unresolved identifier “EILFetchLocation” for this line of code : -
let fetchLocationRequest = EILRequestFetchLocation(locationIdentifier: “my-kitchen”)

any advise / suggestion is appreciated.

Hi, I had resolved the error by #import “EILIndoorSDK.h” on bridging-header.m but received lots of non-null warning message

Hi @aznelite89!

Glad to hear, that the main issue was solved.

Could you post here or as a GitHub issue or send to me in a private message what SDK version are you using and what errors do you encounter? :slight_smile:

Hi Marcin,

I had retry today and its working now. thanks for reply