Indoor SDK Test App

Having trouble compiling the sample app found in the Indoor SDK.

I’m getting an error on the line: let fetchLocationRequest = EILRequestFetchLocations(locationIdentifier: “area”)

The error calls locationIdentifier an extra argument.

Any thoughts? Anyone else recently compile this code without error?

override func viewDidLoad() {
        self.locationManager.delegate = self
        ESTConfig.setupAppID("spoor-3ga", andAppToken: "273c41a1ecb30f24cf2e56f7c85132ce")
        let fetchLocationRequest = EILRequestFetchLocations(locationIdentifier: "area")
        fetchLocationRequest.sendRequestWithCompletion { (location, error) in
            if location != nil {
                self.location = location!
                // start indoor positioning
            } else {
                println("can't fetch location: \(error)")

You have a typo in your code: EILRequestFetchLocations should be EILRequestFetchLocation, i.e., no “s” at the end.

EILRequestFetchLocations is for downloading a full list of your locations from Estimote Cloud. It doesn’t take the locationIdentifier param, and returns an array of CLLocation objects in the completion block.