Unable to change Primary Packet Type

When using the esimote app on an IOS device i’m able to see my beacons however I am not able to change any of the settings on the beacons.


What happens? Any error message? Can you describe what you’re experiencing in more detail? Thank you!

It’s just disabled. I’m not able to change any of the settings. I’m logged into my account for the beacons also. I have tried on multiple ones and same result.

Here is what I see I have tried this on at least 4 of my 11 brand new beacons.

This usually means that the app haven’t connected to the beacon for some reason. That reason should be stated at the top—do you see a red “X” mark between the phone icon and the cloud icon, or the phone icon and the beacon icon? Does the Bluetooth icon in the iOS status bar stay grayed out, or does it flash? (which indicates that the iPhone is trying to connect to the beacon)

You worked some magic cause it’s working now.

Time to have some fun.