Turn on beacons automatically

Is it possible to activate beacons automatically? Im doing some project with emergency alert system. To that project i need to activate beacons automatically or change some values automatically if using a single command ?


Estimote Beacons are always-on, as in, as long as they have power (batteries), they keep broadcasting as per their configuration. Exceptions to that are our power-saving modes:

  • beacon can stop broadcasting when flipped upside-down (“flip to sleep”)
  • beacon can stop broadcasting when it’s dark (“dark to sleep”)
  • beacons with Real-Time Clock can also be configured to only broadcast during certain hours

Do you want the beacon to only start broadcasting when a mobile app (iOS/Android) tells it to do so? That could be done with the Estimote SDK, which has APIs for configuring beacons from your own app.

Another idea would be to use the Estimote LTE Beacon, which has a button on top of it and is programmable in JavaScript. You could then program it to start broadcasting Bluetooth data in response to a button press. (Or, since the beacon has LTE/cellular connectivity, it could send an alert directly to Estimote Cloud. In Estimote Cloud, you can then put another piece of your own JavaScript code to, e.g., send an SMS, or notify you about the alert in any other way.)

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