Tracking stickers using UWB location beacons

I am trying to implement stickers movement tracking feature using UWB location beacon in a premises in my Android application.
I have implemented indoor SDK but there is no way to implement this into the application.

Please let us know clearly how we can do the same, i have bought UWB and sticker beacons.

We’ve built something like this into our Indoor Location app a few years ago, it was pretty fun!

What we did is, the Indoor app uses our Indoor SDK as normal, receiving (x,y) updates our the user’s position. Simultaneously, we’re running a Nearable scanner, and if we hear a Nearable, we “snap it” to our (x,y) position, and remember it. So essentially, the person with the smartphone acts sort of as a “crawler” for Nearable positions (:

Since it seems you already integrated Indoor SDK, you’d just need to add the Nearable scanner:

… and then a little bit of “glue” code to merge the Nearables and (x,y) together.

Thank you for such helpful suggestion.

I want to know that is there a way to add nearables on IndoorLocationView?
We have used IndoorLocationView to show user’s location.