Tracking of high value moving asset

I am working on use case to track the high value moving asset like industrial valve within shop floor. The valve body is made of metal and it moves acoss differnt assembly lines like Welding, painting, testing etc… The shop floor manager should be able to track all such high value valve with their location w.r.t assembly line. I was planning to user location beacon and bought location beacon dev kit. But I am still not able to visualize the complete technical architecture and setup required for this use case. Can someone guide on differnt components and how to go about buidling this use case.

I feel, I also need to buy estimote stickers. but for POC, can i do somthing with location beacon? Do I need Raspberry Pi as well?

Hi Surya,

We have implemented a high-value asset-tracking for an engineering firm in Singapore. We will love to solve your challenge. You can get in touch with us - or