Asset tracking in warehouse? How to achive it?


I am looking for some inputs as how can we achieve asset tracking in the warehouse considering we stick estimote beacons to each of the assets. How would it work? Do we need a receiver? Do we need a static mobiles in the warehouse with an app?

I look forward for the help.



Yes, you’ll need something to receive the signal from beacons and trigger whatever business logic you have in mind. That could either be a static mobile w/ an app w/ the Estimote SDK … or really, any device with Bluetooth 4.0, e.g., Raspberry Pi and, e.g., this Node.js library:

Hello Kirtan,

I was looking for a similar solution myself and try to rig up one and it got messy. Then i looked up off the shelf product such as Visybl asset monitoring solution. They have all the components that you ask (beacons, readers, cloud dashboard and SDKs for mobile Apps). go to and check it out. Let me know for additional questions.