TLM packet interval

I’ve observed a problem with the interval for the Eddystone-TLM packet.
In the Estimote app, the value can be maximum 2000 ms (which is still too fast for us).
In the Estimote cloud, the label next to the interval says that you can put a maximum of 10000 ms. But when I put there 10000 (or 9000), the settings don’t get synced with the beacon; it keeps telling me it has pending settings. The moment I put 2000 or less, the settings do get synced…

Hmm, interesting. Are you using the iOS or Android app? Can you message me the identifier of your beacon, I’ll take a look at our logs. (Click on my avatar, then on the message button.)

I was using the iOS app.
Sorry, I don’t know the ID exactly, because I have multiple beacons and I forgot which one I tried it with.
Maybe you can try to reproduce it on your side?

Yup, no worry, we found it. Just a bug in our SDK (: We’ll fix that in the upcoming version—thanks for your report, and sorry for the trouble!

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