F33 Long Range Beacon not going to 10 dBm

I just bought a dev kit with three F33 beacons which are supposed to go to 10 dBm. I can set one of the beacons to 10 dBm using the Estimote Android app, but only the Eddystone URL beacon. The other two “rocks” maxed out at 4 dBm for ALL beacon types/sources.

I verified that the hw revision for all three beacons was F33 and I updated the firmware to 4.10.0 on all of them.

Can someone at Estimote please comment on what I am seeing and how to fix it? Need an Android app update? Need the right beacon hardware sent to me?

I am using a Samsung Galaxy S5 phone with Android 6.0.1.

We’re looking into that, could be a bug in our app!

Thanks for the quick reply

Fixed in the upcoming version, which should hit the Google Play Store this week.

Sounds awesome, thanks for the quick feedback/fix.

Well, last week has come and gone and I haven’t seen anything on Google Play. Do you have a revised release date?

Sorry about that! Some other things that will go with this update got delayed. Currently, we plan to release on Thursday or Friday.

As a temporary workaround, you should be able to change the Tx power to +10 dBm in Estimote Cloud, then simply connect to the beacon with the Estimote Android app, and it should apply the settings. The UI might still max out at +4 dBm, but you can verify in Estimote Cloud that the beacon should be set to +10 dBm.