Beacon isn't synced between app and cloud, and I can't change anything

Somehow, I think my beacon isn’t syncing up with the cloud anymore, and I cannot apply any changes. The cloud login says that the beacon is question has pending settings; but I’ve gone in and tried to delete the pending settings numerous times. So I open the app on my phone and connect to the beacon, and leave the app open and running in the foreground, and nothing updates.

According to the Estimote app on my phone, when I tap on the beacon it shows the iBeacon setting is enabled. But when I just open the menu that lists the beacons in range, it shows that it is on the Eddystone URL.

When I look at the cloud website, it is showing that iBeacon is enabled. But is also says that both iBeacon and Eddystone URL are pending.

It won’t seem to sync one way or the other, and I’m not sure what I’ve done wrong. The goal is to put it on the Eddystone URL mode.

Any tips or something obvious I am missing? Is there a way to reset to factory settings?

Also, if I try to make any changes in the Cloud to the beacon, I get an error that says “Interval must be a number.” But all the interval settings are numbers that are in the correct range. So it is very odd.

Hey! Could you try to update settings via Estimote app one more time? I’ve checked your Cloud account and everything looks fine. If that won’t work, just let me know!

Was there any outcome with this? I am having the same issue, on the portal is says “Interval” must be a number and will not let me make changes. Some beacons are fine but most are doing this meaning I cannot update them.
Also i’m connecting to my beacons to update the minor and majors and it seems the change aren’t pushing through just shows the previous settings after i’ve changed them. Any suggestions, am getting frustrated as I have 72 to deploy!

Hi! The interval issue has been resolved back then but if it happens again, we would like to investigate. Could you please email us the email address associated with your Cloud account, the id’s of the beacons that display this error as well as some screenshots? Thanks!

Have sent you an email

Thanks, we’re investigating it, should have the solution soon. Sorry for the inconvenience!