Corrupt beacon after synchronising

After applying configuration changes on Estimote Cloud ( and synchronising via Estimote App one beacon is corrupt (it is trying to send Eddystone URL and iBeacon).

I am not able to change nor delete pending settings due to the following error messages “interval must be number” (Estimote Cloud) or “This beacon doesn’t support multi-packet advertising” (Estimote App).

My question now: How to reset the respective beacon?

P.S. I wrote already few times to Unfortunately I haven’t heard anything within one business day.

I have the same problem. Would it be possible to reset the beacon settings? The “delete pending settings” button does not solve the problem.

I am facing the same problem. Any updates from Estimote?

Same problem here. Does anyone got an answer from Estimote?

my problem are the same, anyone having update?

For anyone experiencing these issues, please send the identifier(s) of the affected beacon(s) to We reply to every mail, even if it takes a little bit of time to get back to you.

could you please check my issues by email was sent 02 days ago (from

Thanks you

Hi guys,

happy to say we’ve identified the root cause of these issues. If each of you could PM me with your Estimote account email & the IDs of the beacons affected, we’ll be able to fix it for you.