Timed mote profiling based on Web API

I was wondering if anyone in the community could help. I'm in the process of creating an iPad app for a school with a BYOD scheme and have created an online JSON library to tell the device which times to fire local notifications. My problem is getting the app to A) receive this online information in the background and B) only scan for beacons at the times specified to conserve battery life. Any Ideas?

Hi Lewis,

The easiest way is to use new iOS 7 feature called "Silent notifications" to get some info from the server while in the backgroud. For example you can use Parse for this (https://parse.com/tutorials/ios-push-notifications)

When it comes to energy efficiency, monitoring for beacons in the background doesn't make much impact on battery life. It's very optimised on the iOS side, so it won't make a difference if you stop and start the monitoring.