Get my app to detect beacons while in the background

I am a beginner when it comes to dealing with estimote beacons, however i have been able to develop an app that detects my beacons. But would like to be able to detect the beacons even when the app is in the background. A little pointer in the right direction would go a long way. I did see the post about “making reference to the CBPeripheral when the app’s still in the foreground, and then use it to connect in the background.” but could get more information on this or understand the steps necessary to do this.

language: swift 2.1
xcode: 7.2

Beacon “monitoring” should automatically work if the app goes to sleep, or even if it gets killed. You can check out our “Notification” app template to see that in practice—the app will be woken up when entering/exiting range of a beacon and will show a notification even when it’s not running at the time of the event:

You can read more about how to implement monitoring in your own app in our iBeacon tutorial:

There’s also an option to use “ranging” in the background for short periods of time, you can read more about that here:

Let us know any further questions!