Swift - my beacon is not detected

Correct me if I am wrong since I am new to swift. I have my beacon on my table, and it is detectable via Estimote App. When I create an app with the demo file, I see in the logs the following

Number of devices assigned to “table”: 1
Fetched tags from Cloud

So I believe the credentials are working and there is a communication between the app and the server.
My question is that shouldn’t I see the message, Entered near range of tag… , in the log as well when I have the following code?

    self.proximityObserver = ProximityObserver(credentials: credentials, onError: { error in
        print("Ooops! \(error)")
    // Define zones
  let zone = ProximityZone(tag: "table", range: ProximityRange.near)
    zone.onEnter = { ProximityZoneContext in
        print("Entered near range of tag 'table'. Attachments payload: \(ProximityZoneContext.attachments)")

Am I doing something wrong or thinking wrong?

Is the beacon set to Estimote Monitoring?


Is it possible that the beacon is not detected in the simulator because of the following error?
2019-06-13 15:50:07.970894-0400 Proximity Example[39198:5416004] [CoreBluetooth] XPC connection invalid

Oh, the simulator? Bluetooth doesn’t work in the simulator. :sweat_smile:

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