Support issues? What means "one business day"?

Good night:

WeI asked you latest thursday (18 may) some questions about Android SDK. I have received the following automatic message:

“Hi there,Thank you for finding a moment to write to Estimote!
You can expect to hear from us within one business day.In
the meantime, you can check out our Community and Developer Portals
(the links are below), chances are you’ll find what you are looking for
:)Happy hacking!The Estimote Community Team”

I would like to know what means “one business day” because we have no’t receive any answer yet.


No answers for this topic?

Hey, we usually reply within one business day. For some questions though, especially the more technical ones, where our community managers need to get help from our engineers, it might take a bit longer—we appreciate your patience!

You can always try also posting your questions here, or on Stack Overflow, maybe other developers building with Estimote will be able to help.