Stickers on a soccer ball?

Would it be possible to place beacons on a soccer ball to allow a video camera to track the ball in order to keep in in the viewing area?

  • Is the sticker beacon small enough to be attached to a ball without compromising the shape?
  • Is it sturdy enough to withstand impacts?
  • Will the communication latency between the beacon and the device reading the signal fast enough to react the movements of the ball? Thinking something like


My experience with the sticker beacons has been that they are rather delicate and would not stand up to impact, but YMMV.

Hi Alper,

I reviewed the and got your main idea.

As far as I understand you are looking for any solution which can be used to make shots of the soccer ball in the moment when it reach the gates.

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Great idea, although at this time, I’m not sure stickers would be a good fit. First, we’d love them to be able to withstand all kinds of harsh conditions, but that’s unfortunately not the case yet—we continue iterating on the design. Second, their range as of now is limited to up to 15 meters, something we’re also working on improving.

As for the latency, as of stickers firmware 1.1, you can now configure the advertising interval of your stickers, and can make them broadcast as frequently as 10 times a second. Two things to keep in mind: one, Bluetooth packets often get lost on the way, so you can’t always rely on all 10 packets hitting the receiver (it also depends on the sensitivity of the receiver), which means the actual average latency will be higher than 100 ms. Two: broadcasting this often will greatly reduce the battery life of stickers—they’re tiny, because they have a tiny battery inside, which is great for size, but comes at the cost of the battery life.