Newbie question about stickers

Hello all of you,

Probably you have had my question several times before, I have searched but couldn’t find the answer I’m sorry.

I’m going to purchase Beacons or Stickers, just to learn how they work and try some cool things with it.
I was really looking forward to buy the stickers, because you have 10pieces and I can do a lot of easy things with it, but after reading some things I don’t know if stickers are the solution for the things I want.

I would like to use apps from other manufactures like Beecon+ etc. to work with the beacons. I would like to open a specific app when I’m near the beacon or let them interact with my Hue lamps.

My question is, can I do such things (home automation) with stickers? Or do I really need beacons for that…

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Stickers’ biggest advantage lies in their tiny size—you can stick them pretty much to anything!

Beacons, b/c they are bigger and have bigger battery, have more options, better range & battery lifetime … but you wouldn’t stick them to your laptop I guess {:

So I’d say, the main question you need to ask yourself is where do you want to put the beacons/stickers, and decide based on that.

Some people also like stickers because they’re cheaper, just keep in mind they have enough battery for one year on default settings (and if you want to further increase their range or responsiveness, it’ll be lower than that), and the battery is so tightly integrated into their form factor that it’s not replaceable.

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Hi heypiotr,

Thank you so much for your reaction.
I’m going to put the beacons/stickers in my house, 1 year of battery life is enough for me for now.

I want to paste one behind my sofa to let my iPhone know I want to open the remote app of my television, one behind my bed so my alarm clock must be set and things like that. I want to use it for home automation.

For the beginning I have found this app:
It does home automation for me without programming. I want to use the SDK afterwards to see what I maybe can learn for myself.

The question is, will stickers communicate with this app you think? Or do I really need beacons for that.

I’m looking forward to your reaction!
Kind regards,

Stickers should work—you’ll likely need to change their packet from the default Nearable (I don’t think Beecon supports the Nearable packet) to iBeacon, but then it should be all downhill (:

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Awesome! Then I’m going to order them right now :-)!

Thanks a lot for your information!