Estimote for player location in outdoor games (beginners question)


we are working on an outdoor multiplayer game and found out the gps accuracy and update interval is not good enough for our purpose. So we decided to look into beacons. The setup is 1-4 players on a soccer field (50m x 100m), each with their own smartphone. Which beacon product will be best to localize these players (I guess it will be the Location Beacon without UWB)? What is the expected accuracy (outdoor with a direct line of sight, advertising intervall can be set to the shortest minimum, broadcasting power can be set to the maximum, battery life does not mater as we can replace/recharge the battery after the game). Will the range be good enough to cover the complete gaming area? How many beacons do you recommend (3?, 6?) to have a good user experience? Is BLE the right technology for this purpose, or might other technologies (wifi etc.) be even more suitable?