Sticker compatibility for android app

hi, does the estimote android app detect the stickers as i have used multiple devices supporting ble, but to no avail

Hi tarun,

Currently Estimote Android app is not compatible with Estimote Stickers, however we are working hard to bring that functionality to life in the future releases of the app. Stay tuned:)

I have good news. The compatibility was added to Estimote Android app in the recent release (yesterday). Please update and let us know the results:)

hi jacku
Tried the estimote sdk files and the demo apps work perfectly. the stickes in the demo app (from SDK) are being indicated by thier id but can it be changed such that their tag (dog/car…) can also be displayed.

thanks !

The type of the sticker is not part of the sticker’s advertising packet—instead, we hold this information in the Estimote Cloud.

Good news is, you can easily retrieve it using the fetchNearableDetails method from the EstimoteCloud class. You pass it the sticker’s ID, and a callback, and you’ll get a NearableInfo in return—which includes color, type and name.

is it necessary to gain generate App ID and App Token for cloud access for nearables? also i am using android and it is only available for swift and objective c


You only need the token if you want to fetch the additional information (like color and type) from the cloud, using the methods I’ve outlined earlier. You don’t need the token to range or monitor for nearables.

Which exactly methods are you missing on Android?

i was looking for a way to fetch colour and type for stickers without accessing the cloud. And also how is the token number generated?


Color and type are stored exclusively in the cloud, so there’s no way to retrieve them without the cloud.

You can generate the app token in the “apps” section on

thanks for the reply earlier, got the problem sorted !. where can i learn more about the the sticker’s special advertising packet and as to how is it different from its normal advertising packet…

as always thanks !!

Here you go: What information do stickers broadcast?

And then you can always study the Nearable class reference to learn the property names that match the data listed above.