Does Stickers work with Android SDK?

I am about to buy a set of Stickers to work with android, but older posts suggests that Stickers does not work with Android SDK at that time.

Can I query whether Stickers work with Android SDK now? Or are there limitations on Stickers compared to Beacons when coding with android? :smile:

Hi there,

Our Android SDK is not yet compatible with Estimote Stickers, but we’re working on that. It will be updated by the end of May :smile:


Is there an update to this information?

Any updates on this, it took me more than half a year to receive stickers)
Just tell me that is going to be faster with android sdk :wink:

Stickers are next on the list of features that we’re adding to our Android SDK—in fact, we’ve already started working on it, so it shouldn’t be long! (:

Now can we see the stickers?

Yes! (: Estimote Stickers have been fully supported on Android for a while now.

@heypiotr, @Wojtekb
Hi sir is there any android tutorial for nearable
I want to work on a sticker and want to make enter/exit, motion, and temperature app?
please help me I am new in an estimote community
I don’t have more experience in it


Let us know if this is helpful: