Listing Estimote stickers using cloud APIs


I have set of Estimote stickers and I want to list them using Estimote clound APIs.

I am using
curl -X GET ‘’ -u YOUR_SDK_APP_ID:YOUR_SDK_APP_TOKEN -H “Accept: application/json”

However, it is returning an empty array.

I created Estimote custom app and obtained appID and token which I am passing in above URL.

Does this API return list of nearables I own or only the beacons?


Stickers are still on our v1 API:

We’re right in the middle of migrating them to /v2/devices, so soon enough, you should be able to use one endpoint (/v2/devices) for all your Estimote devices (:

Thanks for your quick response.

Can I have an access to V1 API documentation? Will it be live till migration to V2 is complete? Any idea when it will be available in V2?


I don’t have it at hand anymore, but if you only need to list your stickers, HTTP GET to is literally all you need (:

PS Don’t forget Basic Authentication with username = App ID, password = App Token (, and Accept: application/json header (: