startLeScan(): null Bluetooth adapter did not start le scan


I found other topics with similar issues but without solution. This is my problem.
I developed an app that works fine with all devices that I have tried, except huawei y635 (android version 4.4.4). After 30 seconds of regular scanning beacons, I get “Bluetooth adapter did not start le scan”. After that my app crash, and I have to reboot the phone in order to make the bluetooth work again. This problem occurs only with more than 5 beacons in the range.

This is message log:

D/BluetoothAdapter: startLeScan(): null

A/EstimoteSDK: com.estimote.sdk.service.internal.JellyBeanBluetoothAdapter.start:71 Bluetooth adapter did not start le scan
D/BluetoothAdapter: stopLeScan()

I already use the latest estimote sdk.


Looks like either some problem with your Y635’s Bluetooth, or a bug in our SDK. Feel free to report this on our Android SDK bug tracker: