Background scanning (detection) not working in Android

Hello Estimote Team,

We have implemented estimote sdk v1.4.1 in our current Android app. When app is in foreground onBeaconsDiscovered works proper but when app is in background onBeaconsDiscovered not able to detect beacons.

When I opened the app it scan beacon normally but when I closed or exit app it’s not able to scan beacons. I already set BackgroundScanPeriod and ForegroundScanPeriod to beaconManager.

beaconManager.setBackgroundScanPeriod(5000, 0);
beaconManager.setForegroundScanPeriod(5000, 0);

Phone : Motorola, Xiaomi
Android Version: Android 6.0.1, 7.0
Estimote SDK version: 1.4.1

If you’re starting a new project, we’d recommend using our new Proximity SDK instead:

The ranging/monitoring in “Estimote SDK” v1.4.1 is deprecated and won’t receive any new improvements and updates. Android is quickly changing what and how apps can do in the background, and the new Proximity SDK is designed around that.

We have updated latest Estimote Proximity SDK in our project after your suggestion, But we are getting issue. I mean below things happens after updating new estimote proximity SDK.

here is the link for issue which we are getting after updating latest Proximity SDK.