Standard mode with iPad

Is it possible to use iPad devices in standard and NOT light mode for indoor SDK? If i try to set standard mode i get an error. Thanks

Hi Roberto!

No ii’s not possible to use normal mode with iPad. Due to some of underlying differences in hardware the normal mode is not supported by iPads and iPods.

If you need the orientation the normal mode provides the light mode can also provide orientation. With last few updates it is currently even more precise then normal mode in most of the cases.

I don’t need orientation but more performance. In light mode the motion detection by indoor location is so slow.
P.S. For now I tested only with iPads (and light mode).

EDIT: I try with iPhone and standard mode and it is much better, but I need this accuracy in iPad…solutions?

Hi Roberto,

What delay are you experiencing and what delay is required for your project? Usually it takes 2-3 s at most to lock in the updated position.