Some of the stickers just stop working

Hi there. I’ve had my Estimote stickers for a few months now and all have been working great. Only recently however I’ve started taking them out of the package box as I want to start using them in the real world.

Over the past week however, 2 of the stickers just stopped working. The Estimote app can no longer find them. They stopped working on different days and I can confirm that they were not manhandled.

They shouldn’t be that fragile, especially if they need to exist on bikes, dogs, etc?

How can I confirm if they are not working at all or maybe a reset button was accidentally triggered?

Many thanks.

Really sorry you stickers stopped working! :disappointed: Please email us at, and we’ll arrange a replacement. Would also be great if you could send us the broken ones for investigation, let’s try to arrange for that as well.

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Many many thanks for the service. I will contact support and will definitely arrange to send the broken stickers back to you.

Thanks again