Android Estimote Stickers Not Working

Has someone tried the estimote stickers ?
I cant even view them in android estimote app…please share the source code The showroom example is not working

If you can’t see them in the Estimote app, then either your Android device is having some problems detecting them, or the stickers have run out of battery. What Android device are you testing with? Any chance you could try with another one? How long have you had your stickers?

My android and ios are all detecting the beacons but not detecting the stickers on using the official estimote app I thing the problem could be the stickers are not working or the batteries are out.

I have opened out one of the stickers, its dated as 2015-feb-16 and put a new battery but its not working.
I think i dont know whats up now. Any leads?

Thanks for sharing—email us at, and we’ll sort it out!

Hi, I’ve tried both Android and iOS app with the newly bought Estimote stickers but both are not working. Tested on the following devices:

  • Samsung S4
  • iPhone 5
  • iPhone 6
    What should i do to debug ? or change batteries ?