Some beacons stopped working

Hello, we bought 3 packs of Beacons. I took one pack containing candy, lemon and beetroot colored Beacons for testing etc. They were working fine (estimote app detected them). After about a week one beacon, beetroot one, stopped working (neither Esitmote app nor 3rd party Blutetooth scanner could detect it, like there was no signal at all).

The day after we went to test all of the beacons, we had 3 of each color. One beetroot was already not being detected but the other 2 were. After few hours the other two beetroot Beacons stopped working as well!
It is very odd that the only beetroot colored ones broke. The failures didn’t occur after any settings changes, they just stopped.

Is there any way to somehow reset them or do anything? Has anybody had a similar problem?

Can you email us at, and let us know your order number? We’ll look into it.