Android Wear + Beacons


I am trying to get my moto 360 to recognize beacons. I have it working fine with my android phone (nexus 6p), but when I created an Android Wear app I don’t get a response. I included the sdk in my build.gradle and am not having any compile time issues. I am actually using the same ranging code as my normal app but don’t seem to be getting any triggers.

I am not sure if this has been tried before or is a known issue but I saw that you guys have released an sdk for the apple watch.

Is there anything special I need to do to get this working on Android Wear?

EDIT: It works completely fine on the moto 360. I had everything setup except forgot to call beaconManage.startRanging in onResume. Not my smartest moment. Thanks anyone who looked at this.

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So cool, thanks for sharing (: What are you building?

Wait, so the first gen of Moto 360 supports beacons?