SOLVED: Mirror wifi woes + demos not demoing

Hi there,

I received the Mirror dev kit a few days ago, and got the Mirror units talking to the Estimote app on my iPhone (iOS 11.2.6) + an HDMI capable TV


None of the three Mirror units in the pack will connect to my wireless network, and when I select the mirror demos in the app, nothing happens. I can see the “Discover Mirror with the Estimote App” page on my TV, and the “No connection to Cloud” message in the top right hand corner of the screen. When I connect to any of the Mirror units using the app, it appears to have the right wifi settings. My wireless network (Google Wifi) has no MAC address filtering, no captive portal login, no IP address or port blocking

Thinking about what might be wrong here…

  1. Can someone advise as to IP addresses and port numbers the Mirror is trying to connect to? Perhaps my ISP is blocking the Estimote cloud…

  2. Do the Mirror demos depend on the cloud connection being active?

  3. Can my wifi SSID include space " ", underscore “_” and “@” ?

  4. Is there any way to reset the Mirror to factory defaults in case it has gotten confused?

  5. Does the Mirror keep a log file somewhere that I could snarf via USB?

Thanks in advance for any thoughts, people!



PS Should have said that my wireless network is WPA2-PSK with DHCP, and I have plenty of other devices happily connecting without any trouble :slight_smile:

Mirror needs to connect to
Demos don’t require access to Cloud. Mirror is designed to work offline, templates are stored on device and user data is provided by Bluetooth, so no WiFi is required.
Space “@” and “_” in network name should work (checked that).
Sometimes when Mirror is not able to connect, a reboot (unplug and plug again) can help.
It may take some time for Mirror to connect to network for the first time. Have tried to leave it turned on for few minutes and check if message have disappeared?
I suggest reading thread No connection to cloud error. There are some tips that may help to pinpoint the problem (check that WiFi scanner template).

To configure WiFi you need to connect to Mirror using Bluetooth. Since you configured WiFi this means that Bluetooth connectivity works (also screen says Discover Mirror… instead of Your Mirror is ready to use). It is strange that demos are not working. Could you elaborate more which demos don’t work and how? Can you check if they have the same problem on Android phone?

What do plan to use WiFi for?

Thanks Łukasz, so it turns out I was too impatient - and had a stray space at the end of my wifi password. All working now :blush:

Maybe it would be worth having a future firmware update give some visual feedback of when the device is trying to connect to wifi / get an IP address / connect to the Estimote cloud? Might be a useful diagnostic, if only for impatient people with poor typing skills like me…

That’s good news :smiley:
When Mirror displays No connection to cloud it constantly trying to reconnect, because that might be a temporary connectivity issue (routers are rebooting).
There is a new firmware update coming now (1.0.12) what will try to report what happened wrong with WiFi config (bad password or network was not found).

Mirror is designed to display content in public spaces, so putting many debug/status messages will distract users from what is shown on the screen. Message will only be shown when something critical is going on (like no WiFi connection, firmware update, low current USB source) that would require action from system administrator (reboot device, restart router/access point, change password manually using app, etc.).