Mirror Beacons Initial Setup Failed

Ordered a mirror beacon, got it last week. Plugged in to my TV, i see nice wallpaper which says “Discover Mirror with the Estimote App…and what you can use it for”. Then i went to the Estimote app, clicked on try Mirror demos. I’ve tried all the listed demos, with my bluetooth on and nothing changed on my screen.

  1. I’ve created a custom HTML template and entered 4 beacon identifers and plugged the Mirror beacon in to the TV, and still no change when I’m moving the beacons.
    I see no error messages or no connecting messages. All i see is a default template

Estimote APP: 2.42.0
iOS Version : 12.1
I also tried entering my WIFI information, but its of no use.

Any help regarding this issue is appreciated.

As mentioned in https://developer.estimote.com/mirror/build-your-own-template/ in section Load the template onto your Mirror device will keep displaying default template until it is told to switch to new one.
You have few options here:

  1. Use an Mirror SDK to write an app that will select your custom template
  2. Replace default template content with your own
  3. Configure Mirror (using Cloud API) to new default template

Have you created an app to switch to your custom template? If so, does it report any error?
Can you see Mirror on the radar screen in Estimote App (or on the list)?
Device might not be in Developer mode and user is not logged in or Mirror is not assigned to user’s account. Can you check that on cloud.estimote.com?
You mentioned that you tried to enter WiFi information. If this operation was successful this would mean that Estimote App was able to connect to Mirror. But you also write that it is of no use. What do you mean by that? Did it fail? If so, was there any error message?

Thanks for the quick response.
I don’t see my mirror on the cloud dashboard, I’ve sent out an email to customer support.
My understanding is that the Mirror demos (Distance, Sneakers, Flight Info, Crowd ) on the Estimote app should work even when the device is not connected to cloud dashboard.

I’ve also tried custom html template by replacing with default template on the mirror, I didnt see the mirror receiving/detecting beacons.

They should work by default when Mirror is in Development mode (and phone has internet access) or Display Access Control is off. Since it is not assigned to your account you cannot even check if somebody else has changed those settings.

It is also hard to tell why custom template is not detecting beacons, since you didn’t provide any template code here. Simple typo in JavaScript code may prevent it from working.
You may try to switch to estimote/scanner template to check if BLE scanning works.
You can find some more information about this on this thread: Estimote Mirror Documentation
This may also be helpful with debugging:

So what about that WiFi? Did you manage to configure it?

Thank you so much @pober, the problem is, my mirror beacon isn’t assigned to the right account. Once i got the ownership, everything worked fine.
Really appreciate your help during this process.

Manoj Tammina

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