Showstopper bug in Location API (Any update as of 2019-07-23?)

I’m getting an Internal Server Error when creating a Location with the Estimote Location API endpoint.

Details are in this post:

Could someone advise? I copy-pasted the input from the example, and there is no informative error message. I also posted about this several days ago and have got no response from anyone at Estimote.

We’ve got the exact request you made, so we’ll try to reproduce this and see why it’s failing. (The error doesn’t show up in our error-reporting tools due to some technicalities, that we also will probably need/want to resolve.)

Have you got a solution?

In the future, could you reply to any posts mentioning bugs like this? I had to create a redundantly new topic to get the attention it needed.

Has there been any progress on this issue?

Nothing yet as far as I’m aware. It’s on my personal list, but I’ve been busy with another project last week, and this week I’m traveling. Hopefully I can get to it next week, if nobody else from our team manages to look into it beforehand.

We’ve finally looked into it, and the error is due to duplicate location identifier.

Location identifier can be passed as an identifier parameter (in the root object, e.g., next to name), or if its not there (like in the example request), then its auto-generated from the location name. (e.g., “My location” becomes “my-location”)

So for now, as a quick workaround, just can try passing the identifier explicitly (and set it to something that’s unique to your account, i.e., not already in use for other indoor locations), or using a unique name.

We’ll probably change the identifier-from-name generation to produce unique names (e.g., by appending a few random/unique characters at the end, “my-location-z65d”, similar to what we do for app tokens). ((And of course, add proper validation and error messaging for this case.))

Cool, thanks. Could you update the documentation as well?

@heypiotr Could you guys update the documentation to reflect these changes?