Showing Wrong Distance

Am Using this format
private static final Region ALL_ESTIMOTE_BEACONS_REGION = new Region(“rid”, null, null, null);
beaconManager = new BeaconManager(this);
beaconManager.setRangingListener(new BeaconManager.RangingListener() {
public void onBeaconsDiscovered(Region region, final List list) {


Distance calculation i have use this formula Utils.computeAccuracy(beacon)
i kept two device in same place
Estimote app showing correct distance but my side distance is too much difference .

Try to use the estimote app in the first device, yours app in the second one and see the results.
this can happen because each device(brand, model) uses different antenas models.

This also is the response from estimote to the question: “Why estimote app is just in iOS?”