Different Proximity States

Hi I am using estimote SDK to scan beacons in iOS. I am scanning beacons in two iPhone 6 devices. Both iOS devices showing different proximity states for same beacon. One iOS device showing it is in near state and another one shows it is in far state. But the distance between the beacons and iOS device also same. What is the actual problem in this case? Can you help me?

Hard to say—are the conditions in which you’re testing both devices actually identical? That is, not just the distance, but also how you hold the phone, is there a case or not, are you standing in exactly the same spot, hold the phone at the same height, etc.? Are iOS versions the same?

Yes we placed the phones in same place and also the OS version also same for both the phones. Is this is a estimote SDK problem?

I have the same issue on two Android devices.
A beacon is ~2 meter away.
I’m using Utils.computeAccuracy(Eddystone eddystone) function.
On first device the return value is 2.2-2.8m and is acceptable.
On second device the return value is 3.6-6.0.

Second example:
beacon1 is ~2 meter away
beacon2 is 3.5 meter away
I’m using Utils.computeAccuracy().

This function often says, that beacon2 is much closer to me than beacon1.
I’m using the beacons for indoor location.
This very strange behavior leads to wrong position.

Much stranger is that one beacon (~5 meter away) is shown by Utils.computeAccuracy() as 22 meter away :dizzy_face: and nothing is between android device and beacon.

P.S. all beacons are configured as Eddystone-UID, +4dBm, 200ms advertising interval.