How get estimated distance reading from Beacon?

I trying to develop an ios application from a template named “Proximity Content for Multiple Beacons” which i download from Estimote Cloud.

As you can see from Image 1, there is a label named “Distance” where I want to program the label will show the estimated distance as same as Image 2 which I screen shot it from Estimote App

I have done alot of research online, but I cant find a proper solution. Please guild me to solve this problem.

Image 1

Image 2

Follow this tutorial:

… to learn how to do ranging. (You can skip part 2 = monitoring if you want.) And once you know how to do ranging, the didRangeBeacon delegate gives you a list of CLBeacon objects, and each CLBeacon object has a property called accuracy, which is a proxy for the distance.

Hello Raymond,
my cases are same as you on how to get the estimated distance of the estimote beacon.If you don’t mind, could you please teach and guide me on how to solve that problem as i am new in using the android studio? Thank you

Hello Nur Aqila,

NOTE that there is no method/way to find excalt/ accurate distance reading from the bluetooth beacon as the bluetooth signal beam from phone to beacon is different from times to times all depends of the room space( the space is too wide, there is object which can obsorpt/disrupt and etc).In the end of my University FYP one year ago, what I did is just use the proximity method to estime the distance by telling the user know its near , far or immediate. You need to justify with your examinor about this problem.

Im hope I did answer the question you asking about.


Thank you Raymond for your respond,

But i am just curious on how you calculate to get the proximity distance of the beacons?. is there any formula that you are using in order to get the proximity distance?


Hello heypiotr,
I had download and using the template for proximity multiple beacon that estimote beacon had served. And fortunately the code template manage to run on my android. Currently, I need to add for ranging activity. I did followed tutorial for ranging beacon but a bit confuse with the logic because I just want to add the logic for ranging beacon in the template proximity multiple beacon that I am using. Could you help to assist me on beacon ranging logic as I am using android studio 2.3.2 . Thank you.:blush: