Sending notification (instruction for noob)

Hi guys, im new here. I’m interested in to create app which will send a notification message with link to near phones (100m?). When it comes to java I know it very basic. I will be very grateful if somebody can help me to chose right beacon to buy & send me or show me how to aply code with this solutoiun.

I wanna created tool like this one:

Mayby somebody ask aboaut it before?

Hi @Marszalkowski,

the video you linked is presenting the Physical Web: you put a beacon in a place and it sends a URL, integrating a pertinent information to the place of interest.
It works with the Eddystone-URL protocol created by Google, that allows the beacon to send the resource address (URL) over Bluetooth Low Energy.

  • Physical: the zone you want to notify via Bluetooth,
  • Web: the web resource you advertise with Eddystone-URL.

You don’t need to build any app’ to use it:

  • on Android, simply have a Internet connection, activate the Bluetooth and the location services.
    If it doesn’t work, find the Google Settings and activate the NearBy service,
  • on iOS, download the Google Chrome app’ and allow the Physical Web notifications in the widget menu.

Alright it suonds greate. Which beacon i nedd to buy for biggest reach of beacon?
How to setup beacon to do that?

The Proximity Beacons are good for that (70 meters max, 3 years battery life). But if you want enhanced beacons, buy the Location Beacons (200 meters max, 5 years battery life).

You just have to claim the beacons with your Estimote account when you get them for the first time. After, connect to each and put the advertising packet to Eddystone-URL. Put the URL you want to send and it’s OK!
Note that the URL length is limited so it’s better to use a URL shortener.