Send sensor data, Payload size 26 Bytes

We need to send sensor data using beacons. Data payload size is approximately 26 bytes. We target to use Eddystone beacon packets. Can anyone please guide so as to how this can be achieved?

Mmm, you can’t just add some custom data to the Eddystone packet.

Estimote Beacons have however something called “Generic Advertisers”, i.e., you can broadcast your own data. Here’s a little example we’ve build, where we make the beacon broadcast an emoji:

You can try adapting it to broadcast your own data instead.

But can we send such big size data, for e.g. 26 Bytes in a single packet?
Or should we just break the data and send multiple packets, for e.g. considering eddystone has the Instance ID field of 6 bytes. So we might require 5 packets to transfer 26 bytes of data, (6*5 = 30 bytes).
Is my understanding correct?

I´m currently working on a project where I need to do something similar in a mesh, but not for mobile apps, would there be a way to broadcast sensor data between beacons without the SDKs?. A certain beacon sending sensor data through the mesh ?.

Is that possible?. I’m newbie, any advice would be helpful.
Thanks in advance

Did you manage to achieve this?