Sensor Data in Beacons

How often does the beacon send the sensor data? Is it pushed simultaneously with the BLE signal? Can it be done with a one-way connection or does the data have to be requested by the recipient?

Estimote Telemetry Paket contains all needed sensor data.
You must just activate this paket.

But is the data constantly transmitted from the beacon, like the BLE signal, or must it be requested from the receiving device?

The data is then “constantly” transmitted by beacon. You dont need any requests and no GATT-connection to the beacon.
Estimote Telemetry is just a data packet, that contains all sensor data. This packet is broadcasted by beacon.

@greenday05, Estimote Beacons are able to broadcast different packets, including Estimote Telemetry (as far as we mention Locations Beacons and next-generation Proximity Beacons). However, keep in mind that broadcasting has to be enabled in the beacon. You can achieve it by using Estimote SDK or Estimote application.

Once you enable it, packet broadcasting can be configured with Advertising Interval and Broadcasting Power values. Answering to your question, packets are broadcasting periodically determined by Advertising Interval value and you do not have to trigger it . Assuming that its value is set to 200 ms, it means that packet is advertised every 200 ms.

When reading telemetry pakets, on the application side, how often BeaconManager performs a scan? May I change this interval? I am doing a test with android and the app takes too long ( more than 4 seconds) to get pakets nevertheless advertising interval for location beacons is set to 400 ms.

I think that on Android, you can adjust that scan window yourself using the setForegroundScanPeriod method.

What do you want to use the sensor data for?

Does this method affect the scan window for telemetry pakets? I thought this configuration was exclusively used for ranging as the documentation says.
I am using the accelerometer data to trigger an email alert if values are greater than a certain value. Beacons will be placed on machinery to detect vibration.

I’m 80% sure the un-documented side effect of that function is also the change the scan windows for Telemetry discovery (: