Selling our Beacon App & Platform


Where looking to sell our iBeacon and Eddystone-URL beacon platform to a beacon company. We started this project late 2014.
We are jumping into a new project dealing with Chatbots & AI.

The app is perfect for someone that just wants to jump into the beacon space right away with out having to create a app at all.

iOS App (Swift)
Android App (Javascript)
& Backend Larvel PHP

Test our app with these physical web links.
Assign your beacons to Eddystone-URL protocol

Two Demos for Theory

Demo for Malibu Wines

We currently are have two updates to both iOS & Android that will allow you to receive Notifications from beacons that broadcast iBeacon protocol. These updates will be pushed next week.

Please let me know if you’re interested and we can talk further.

Thank You,
Ryan Nolan