Need your help regarding beacon solutions

Dear Sir/ Madam,

We are looking for beacon solution and we want to integrate your beacon solution to our product.

Basically, our product is a receiver working on Bluetooth 4.0. We want that our receiver will act as an master and when ever it will detect the specific UUID or service, it will connect with the beacon and the beacon will be sending location data to the receiver. So beacon will be then our slave and master can be connected to 3 slaves at a time.

What we need is your GATT structure and UUID so that we can communicate your beacon with our receiver and integrate your beacon solution.

Can you please help us in this matter?

Our beacons can broadcast regular iBeacon (default) and Eddystone packets, so you only need to make your receiver detect and parse them.

iBeacon spec: (it’s the “Download Artwork and Specifications” link)

Eddystone spec:

Do you know that how can your beacon eddy-stone packets can be detected by our receiver?

Is it possible to use Silicon Labs BLE 113 as an receiver and do you have some example code etc similar to this?

Is it possible that we can get support from your company. I mean technical support by which we can make our Bluegiga BLE 113 and our beacon compatible?

We only officially support iOS and Android via our SDKs :disappointed_relieved:

Maybe try asking on Stack Overflow, or in the Bluegiga/Silicon Labs community? All you need to figure out is how to do scanning and detecting Bluetooth 4.0 advertising packets using this chip/device, and then write an iBeacon/Eddystone parser based on the specs.


I want to ask that is it possible that we can make our own protocol or beacon software instead of ibeacon and eddystone ???

It is! With our iOS SDK, you can use the ESTBeaconOperationGenericAdvertiser* classes to enable custom advertising, and set your own Bluetooth packets to advertise.

You can learn more how to use ESTBeaconOperation* classes to configure beacons here: